Innovation has been key to improvements that have happened to the way we live. We believe that business/product innovations are important from both social and business point of view.
We have been offering you products designed and made by BARGDECO (besides innovative products by international brands). What we offered as BARGDECO planter was aimed to become a valuable and demanded piece of interior decoration instead of just being “a planter!”.
Actually we are trying to change your current perceptions about role of plants in decoration and at the same time, simplify plant care by offering you innovative planters and planting and maintenance systems.
It's innovative minds that can create and bring you something really "different"!

Shahram Afshar

Product design

Graduated as industrial designer in Pforzheim (Germany) in 1995. The German town well known for its jewelry and watch-making industry gaining the nickname "GoldStadt"

Shahram has extensive experience as industrial designer and project manager for design and manufacturing of an expanded range of proucts in various industrial fields. These include: concept design of cars at Mercedes Benz, concept and product design, design office management and projects management at well known home appliances manufacturing companies as well as concept and product design of innovative products such as stations for chair lift at European companies and .....

We are proud of his recent collaboration with BARGDECO which has begun with the introduction of our new tabletop/wall-hang series "Motion". We look forward to introduce you more of his innovative work.

Pierfelice Vazzana

Product design

Pierfelice studied Industrial design at SUN (Seconda Università di Napoli). He has also gained degrees from Polytechnic Milan and Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Liege (Belgium) as product, service and industrial designer.

He has broad experience in the fields of industrial design, interior design, marketing, advertisement and brand identity at Italian companies as well as freelancer.

Pierfelice lives in Milan. He and his Iranian wife share an Art studio. They are developing their own furniture brand with the essence of combined Italian and Iranian culture.

We are happy to collaborate with him on innovative gardening tools projects. His presence is a proof of our determination and capability to expand and establish "BARGDECO" as an international brand.

Maziar Tavakolian

Product design-Engineering

Maziar graduated as Mechanical Engineer from university of Tehran he continued his studies toward Masters in Mechanical engineering and then did an MBA at IE (Madrid), internationally well known as educating entrepreneurs.

Maziar has extensive experienced in the fields of automation, process and product and machinery design and manufacturing. He has been engaged with international companies in automotive industry. He is an expert in design, manufacturing and industrialization of complex and innovative products.

His passion for innovation and his hands-on engineering and technical experience is helping us introduce very innovative planters and gardening tools in the market. Besides designing products for BARGDECO, he manages industrialization and production.

Reza Rezai

Intelligent systems design-IOT

Reza graduated as Electrical engineer (Control systems) from University of Tehran and continuing his academic studies, he received his masters’ degree in the field of “Complex adaptive systems” from Chalmers university of Technology (Sweden).

Reza has both: hands on engineering experience and high level academic and technical achievements. His major fields of activity have been the IOT, Telemetry, Humanoid robotics and PLC, including hardware and software systems. As a manager as well as engineer, Reza has worked at leading industrial companies. He has also been leading and participating in academic and research projects for famous international automotive brands.

It’s a pleasure to have Reza’s collaboration with “BARGDECO”. He has made it possible for us to think of unthinkable in the field of gardening tools. He designs intelligent products and leads our IOT projects.